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I just found this entry, purely by chance, at a community called pottersues. My very first story written for firewhiskeyfic has apparently been judged to be a rotten piece of crappy troll dung. Or maybe _I_ am the one who is the troll?

For pete's sake, I say from the get go it is meant to be poorly spelled and stupid, but even though one of the commenters discovered that firewhiskeyfic is for real, they still act all dismissive.

Wow, I think I have now crossed some threshold! LOL



Jan. 19th, 2013 01:41 am (UTC)
First of all: *HUGS YOU BACK*

Second of all - thanks for that link to the latest. Absolutely NO understanding what-so-ever of FWF. What the hell. The ego seems to be swelling, too. But that's my own opinion of course.

WTH with this bit?:

I'll also admit here that I may have peeved off the writer even more by trying to PM her and respond to the comment she left in the journal. ... I'm also going to ask the Minions not to comment on the writers blog. I have my reasons for asking you to do this.

"I have my reasons"?! What?