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2015 Advent Roundup Week 1

Originally posted by ldymusyc at 2015 Advent Roundup Week 1
With Elegance, Narcissa Malfoy by Captainraychill
Summary: A little peek into Narcissa Malfoy's diary during the holiday season. Who knew such a lady would overuse exclamation points?

Hunting High and Low by Savva
Summary: It was the night before Christmas. The air was silent and chill...

Dance of the Gingerbread by k_lynne317
Summary: Sometimes her husband surprised her in the most unexpected ways.

Lord Winter and Lady Summer by mister_otter
Summary: Draco is alone on Christmas Eve, with a single gift-wrapped package to open. But in this case, one may be all he can stand…

Solstice Magick by eilonwy
Summary: A potions assignment on the eve of the Winter Solstice sends the sixth-years into the Forbidden Forest. What strange, arcane magic will they find there?

Dust From Our Bodies by thistle_verse
Summary: For weeks, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy spend their Thursday evenings in a Ministry conference room, hammering history out between them.