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Dramione Remix: Claim your prompt!

Originally posted by dhrremixmod at The time has come. Claim your prompt!
Guess what time it is? Prompt time!

First, let's get the rules out of the way.

  • You must choose from our prompt list.

  • Each prompt can be claimed once.

  • Prompts are first-come, first-served.

  • You can claim one prompt for each medium, making it a maximum of two prompts (one for fic, one for art). Towards the end of claiming--for those of you who have multiple plot bunnies bouncing around--there will be an opportunity to claim more than one prompt.

Please also review the guidelines on our profile, so you're aware of the rules related to the rest of the fest. All fics must be between 2,500 and 25,000 words, and all fics must be beta-read before you submit. If you need help finding a beta, check out this page and feel free to reach out to one of the mods.

Now for the main event: how to claim! It's easy peasy lemon-squeezy.

  1. Using our prompt list, figure out your top three choices. I know. So. Many. Choices!

  2. Fill out this claim form.

  3. Wait for us to email you to confirm your assignment.

Some of the new suggestions were inadvertently left out of the prompt claiming lists. This has been corrected, with a few exceptions:

  • Any couples involving still-living real people were omitted.

  • Any couples from books written by authors known to have or suspected to have plagiarized were omitted (this includes the Mortal Instruments book series).

There are multiple tabs in the Prompt List, one for each media type (Books, Film, TV, etc.) If your desired pairing isn't on one list, please check the others. (We tried to avoid duplicating couples that appear both in comics and in films, for example.)

The prompt claiming period for the main fest is open until 11:59 P.M. PST on April 30th.

If you don't receive an email confirmation within a day or two, give one of us a shout. We're excited for this round and our new transition over to AO3! Hope you guys are as excited as we are!

Happy Claiming!
Jen & Sam