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Voting is open!

Originally posted by firewhiskeymod at Voting is open!

Before we start, please read these rules and guidelines:

1. Each entry has been posted separately so that authors can get feedback on their writing. This is a drunken post contest, so feel free to laugh and tease, just don't be cruel. We’ll be watching very closely. Authors—DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR ENTRY. The voting period is anonymous. You may reply AFTER the reveals.

2. Some of these entries are very NC-17. Warnings will be posted before you click on entry. There will be no anonymous comments—you must have an LJ account if you are going to comment.

3. You many only vote once! No voting for your own entry.

4. Cast your vote by responding to THIS POST using the format below. All votes will be screened.

Most Coherent Entry: [insert entry# here]
Least Coherent Entry: [insert entry# here]
Funniest Entry: [insert entry# here]
Favorite Entry: [insert entry# here]
Best use of prompt: [insert entry# here]
Best smut: [insert entry# here]

5. All votes must be in by Thursday, December 22nd at 7pm EST. If you submitted a fic, please vote - it's only fair.

6. Winners and reveals will be done December 22nd or 23rd. All entries will remain up so everyone can read them again and again.

7. Winners will get a banner for their bravery, hard work, and for putting up with the Mods' inebriated selves.

8. If you have any questions, please contact us. :D