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PIMPING: HP Humpfest 2015

hp_humpdrabbles presents Humpfest 2015
March 1 - 31, 2015You Wish


Interhouse Fest Posting has Begun!

Posting started Monday, November 3rd. Head on over and take a gander. :)


Dramione Duet has started posting!

Click the image! Read! Review! :)

A fellow rather like Bill Weasley

Found this fellow in a distractify.com article about long-haired men. I thought he looked like a mighty tasty Bill, even if he is wearing too many clothes. What do you think, tamlane, luvscharlie, and wwmrsweasleydo ?


A belated THANK YOU to my friend, captainraychill, for reccing my Missed Connections story. The warm fuzzies are warm!

Originally posted by captainraychill at FIC: Draco/Hermione, "Missed Connections" by UnseenLibrarian
Title: Missed Connections on AO3
Author: UnseenLibrarian
Word Count: 8061
Alternate Links to Fic: Fanfiction.net or Hawthorn and Vine (Registration required)
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG for bum admiration and kissing, maybe some mild profanity
Author's Summary: After a pleasant autumnal trip to Diagon Alley with her friends, a Missed Connection describing Hermione appears in the Daily Prophet's Personals column. Who could have left it? Hermione's mad with curiosity, but the identity of the sender remains a mystery. (Harry knows, but wild hippogriffs couldn't drag it out of him.)
Author's Website: AO3 or Hawthorn and Vine (Registration required) or Fanfiction.net or unseen1969
Why everyone should read this: Oooooh, UnseenLibrarian! She’s the absolute best when it comes to comedy (she has perfect timing) mixed with heartfelt romance. In case you’ve never heard of them, this is a real ad from missedconnections.com: “you were on a motorcycle, bald in leather ... I saw you this morning on the way into work. I was the brunette you waved at ... What freeway were we on and what color was my SUV? Seems you may have been headed into downtown.” Ha! In this story, Draco posts a Missed Connections ad in the Prophet, clearly speaking of Hermione, and their following exchange of ads grows more and more personal, warm and vulnerable. The real star of this story, however, is its narrator, Harry Potter. Unseen nails his voice, down to thinking “What a drama queen” about Draco when he sweeps out of the room "like a knight off to battle", one of my favorite lines. Also, bonus points for Harry, Draco (and Hermione) in sexy Auror uniforms. And fun sayings on coffee mugs. Enjoy!


Click here for swishy skirts and smolderCollapse )
Many thanks to pakaboori for this self-esteem boost. :)

Originally posted by pakaboori at FIC: Rarest Reccer, Millicent Bulstrode/Draco Malfoy, "Derailing Draco" by UnseenLibrarian
Title: Derailing Draco
Gaining Access: Accept age warning at Ao3; Open at FFN.net
Author: UnseenLibrarian aka unseen1969
Word Count: ~5700, oneshot
Alternate Links to Fic: at FFN.net
Pairing: Millie/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: underage (beginning of sixth year), boorish classmates, swearing, explicit sex, initial dubcon (Millie is...assertive), virgins, optimistic ending
Author's Summary: Millicent Bulstrode is a big girl with big desires. Accidentally stumbling upon a frustrated Draco Malfoy, Millie takes matters into her own hands, teaching Draco - and realizing for herself - a little something in the process. DM/PP, DM/MB
Why everyone should read this: Millie gets to sate a craving, Draco gets an unexpected moment of connection, and you get some hot het smut in a well-rounded and satisfying oneshot :)
Excerpt: ExcerptCollapse )

Not lost

I'm feeling rather betterer today. Thank you, everyone. I know the road is full of dips and hills, but you helped me outta that last ditch in a big way. :)

I'm losing myself

my interest in almost everything is dead. Very hard to motivate myself. I can barely get the energy up to pretend-smile.

My anxiety is off the charts most of the time.
I don't like work.
I am unhappy at home.

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Yes, have started medication. About a week ago (9 days). I know it takes time. I know.

But I need to survive the time that it will take. :(

D/Hr Advent 2013 has started posting!

Step right up and start enjoying the Dramione Advent entries, one a day for twenty-four days. Oh, the bliss!